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Date Day of the week Occasion
23 Jan Thursday Netaji's Birthday
29 Jan To 30 Jan Wednesday & Thursday Saraswati Puja
21 Feb Friday Shivratri
9 Mar To 10 Mar Monday & Tuesday Doljatra & Holi
1 Apr Wednesday Foundation Day
10 Apr Friday Good Friday
14 Apr Tuesday Bengali New Year
1 May Friday May Day
8 May Friday Rabindra Jayanti
18 May To 17 Jun Both days inclusive Summer Vacation
1 Aug Saturday Id-Ul-Zoha
11 Aug Tuesday Janmashtami
15 Aug Saturday Independence Day
5 Sep Saturday Teacher's Day
17 Sep Thursday Mahalaya
2 Oct Friday Gandhiji's Birthday
19 Oct To 16 Nov Both days inclusive Puja Vacation
19 Nov Thursday Chhat Puja
27 Nov Friday Fateha Doaz Daham
30 Nov Monday Guru Nanak's Birthday

N.B.- The holiday list is subject to alteration if necessary, parents and teachers are requested to plan their programmes accordingly.