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Agnishikha Dutta

From the Principal's Desk

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Education is an on-going process. With the change of time, educationists have updated its goals and objectives in order to meet the requirements of the changing circumstances. Time and again we have reiterated the importance of learning within the four walls of the school. The relevance of good schools will be brought to light when an answer is sought for the same. While technology enables the transmission of knowledge, it leaves us with many unanswered issues. Make the best of today for learning and let our initiatives transform our children to create a better tomorrow.

Choosing the right school for your child is a serious matter. You deserve a learning environment in which the child feels safe and secure.

We believe in empowering our children in such a manner that they act as representatives of a meaningful and value-based society. Our teaching which is complete and comprehensive, complement this. We have a team of fabulous faculty members who display boundless energy and intense commitment which keeps the spirit of our school shining brightly. Children should be motivated to grab every opportunity that comes their way which would not only help in their growth but also strengthen their belief in team work, which is important in this fast- paced world.

At LYCÉE, we enjoy this journey with our children, reliving and rediscovering the magic of learning. Education research shows that most school variables, considered separately have at most small effects on learning. The real pay-off comes when individual variables are combined to reach critical mass and creating the conditions under which that can occur is the job of the Principal. We believe in a joyful learning system wherein; each child is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly and his potential is utilised to the maximum.

We set high standards and expectations for each student in the spheres of academic performance, co-curricular participation and responsible citizenship. It is with pride that we uphold these values, and ask each of our students to commit to them during their school tenure.

Parents need to devote quality time to their wards. As parents, we need you to develop a close rapport with the school and the teachers, in order to keep a close eye in the child’s development.

Let us all contribute to the all-round development of the children, so that their learning experience is fully enriched and utilised. I hope that the forthcoming session brings each one of us joy, cheer, good luck, health, and wisdom. Let us serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. Let us not expect anything in return for our service, because there is greater pleasure in giving than in receiving.

“I wish good luck to the team of LYCÉE School in their future endeavour."